january 21st 2019

on january 21st i dmed you for the first time

february 12th 2019

on february 12th you invited me to your discord server

february 22nd 2019

on february 22nd we followed each other on tik tok

march 24th 2019

on march 24th we had our first long collab

march 31st 2019

on march 31st i told you where i live and what school i go to

april 1st 2019

on april 1st i spoke to you with my voice for the first time

april 5th 2019

on april 5th the sandman joke was born

april 21st 2019

on april 21st we had our best movie/show collab, the act

april 22nd 2019

on april 22nd you drunkenly messaged me "okay i greg"

may 4th 2019

on may 4th we watched extremely wicked, shockingly evil and vile for the first time

may 6th 2019

on may 6th we baited tejinder, she wanna talk so i do

may 12th 2019

on may 12th i told you about naaman kaloni

may 20th 2019

on may 20th we both revealed a big fat dummy lit fact: we like each other

may 30th 2019

on may 30th we watched scott pilgrim vs the world

may 31st 2019

on may 31st we watched batman begins and the perks of being a wallflower

june 1st 2019

on june 1st we watched IT 2017

july 2nd 2019

on july 2nd we watched superbad

july 14th 2019

on july 14th you video called me and it was the time of my fucking life

september 19th 2019

on september 19th i realized you fucking suck and i hate you